Jose Luis Lopez-Cuadrado (Research lines)

The Web is the main tool for being able to act as citizens in the Information Society in which we are immersed. Through it you access to multiple services, yet many of these services are not accessible to everyone. The accessibility barriers affect in a higher degree to people with disabilities, but there are many other user groups at risk of exclusion.
The equitable use of the Web is a right for all people. Although in many countries this right is regulated by law, the data indicate that there are many web sites and applications that are not accessible. There are important initiatives, at different levels, with the goal of designing a universal and accessible Web, but there are many obstacles in the path to obtain this goal.
As a proposed solution to this situation, from the engineering perspective, the methodological support AWA (Accessibility for Web Applications) has been proposed. AWA provides a workspace in order to include the accessibility requirement in the organizations devoted to web application development.