Rodrigo Alarcón

Rodrigo Alarcón

  • Office: 2.1.C04
  • Campus: Leganés Campus
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Short Bio

PhD. in Computer Science and Technology from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, obtaining the qualification of Outstanding Cum Laude. My doctoral thesis is developed in the field of Accessibility and Natural Language Processing (NLP). My contribution includes a lexical simplification system using plain language and Easy Reading resources, in addition to the use of NLP techniques and resources in order to comply with accessibility guidelines that must be met by texts to be accessible to people with disabilities.

I am currently in the research staff at the HULAT Research Group of the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My current research is involved in the creation of different methods and resources for the task of text simplification in generic and specific domains.

I am co-author of several publications, and I participate in research proyects in the field of my research, such as the EASIER project where some of my contributions are included.